NLCraft Group™

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About Us

NLCraft™ was found when MineCraft Beta 1.8.1 was released.

Aaron (NLCraft™ CEO) created the server because he was playing a lot of servers, but he want diffrent things, so he created NLCraft the server.

End of 2012 Aaron and Mark were playing a lot of DayZ on MineCraft, so they got an idea to create their own DayZ server, this server is still getting build en is not ready yet.

In the begin of 2013, a famous VoltZ server lost their host, so we decided to take it over, around June we decided to stop hosting the server, NukeVoltZ doesn't have a host since. From that moment on, Aaron decided to open NLCraft again to public.

Our Management,

CEO/Developer: Aaron 

Administrator leader: Mark

Administrator: Rick

Administrator: Justin

Administrator: Faela